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Sarah Ellefson is a film inspired wedding, family, and editorial photographer based out of Southern California + New Mexico but travels worldwide. She lives for sunny days, intimate details, and candid images.

Silverlake Engagement Photography: Erica + Paul

When Erica + Paul chose their Silverlake neighborhood as the location for our engagement session, I was thrilled because there's nothing sweeter than capturing your love in a place where you've already made lasting memories together! We started off at their favorite coffee joint and then meandered down to their local park to soak in the warm spring afternoon. We stumbled across a churro stand that was SO delicious, Erica couldn't help but grab their card to chat with them about catering churros at the wedding. (Can every engagement session involve finding the churros of your dreams, please?) We spent such a lovely afternoon together and this session inspired me to encourage more my clients to consider shooting in a familiar location that evokes joy!

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Sarah Ellefson is an bold hearted, wedding and family photographer based out of Ventura, California + New Mexico but travels worldwide. She lives for sunny days, intimate details, and candid images. Her style is often described as film inspired, bright, and natural. Passionate about documenting photos that will be cherished as heirlooms, Sarah strives to capture the beauty of how a moment feels.


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