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Sarah Ellefson is a film inspired wedding, family, and editorial photographer based out of Southern California + New Mexico but travels worldwide. She lives for sunny days, intimate details, and candid images.


Common Questions.


Do you offer a second shooter?

As an extra add-on, I have a small rolodex of incredibly talented photographers I can call to second shoot, but most of the time I shoot solo. Once we establish your photography timeline for the day, I can usually be everywhere I need to be on my own, so a second shooter isn’t necessary. But if you need two locations covered at the same time or want an extra amount of guest coverage, I’ll bring a second shooter on for your day!

I also offer my associate photographer, Haley, not only as a second shooter, but as another option if I just so happen to be booked on the day you’re inquiring about. She’s a talented, experience wizard of the lens that’s booking her own dates for the 2019/2020 season.

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How many hours do I have you for?

A wedding day is a minimum of 6 hours for one photographer. After working through a rough timeline over the phone, I give you a custom package ranging from 6-10+ hours based on your photo needs!

How can we avoid looking awkward in our photos if we’re (I mean, he’s) uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Everyone feels this way, but you’d be surprised how quickly you can both take a big exhale, put your guard down and actually have the best time.

And the easiest way to do that?

Your engagement session.

Once we’ve already worked together and you’ve seen how amazing the engagement photos turn out, you won’t think twice about feeling awkward in front of the camera on your wedding day.

Any tips for making sure we have a great engagement session?

Yes! Here are my top five.

  1. Showing up in a pretty place and posing can be fun, but somewhere meaningful and familiar you already love just naturally puts you at ease.

  2. Nothing kills the vibe like unwanted attention. If you don’t want to be taking photos in front of staring bystanders or pedestrians, let’s not shoot at the city mural on a Saturday afternoon. Let’s go somewhere a little more remote and private, unless attention is your thing, then, mural it is!

  3. Do something. Honestly, it totally helps, especially for guys. Having something to do with your hands, something to laugh at, a game to engage in, anything helps so you can kinda forget you’re getting your photo taken. Kinda.

  4. Calm your nerves with little sip of spirits! Use this suggestion at your own discretion, but sometimes it helps to bring a flask in the car for a quick swig to shake the nerves.

  5. Wear clothes you can kick it in. Nobody has fun in heels they’re just breaking in or a tie they haven’t worn since graduation, so maybe ease up on the fancy. You’ll have more fun if you can breathe and bend and bounce around.



Is there any way to save a few dollars on wedding photography?

If you’re getting married on a weekday, during the winter months of December - February or are in a bit of a shotgun situation with a wedding less than three months away, we have some wiggle room. Send me over your details in my contact form and we can get on the phone to see where you’re at money-wise!

What gear do you use? Do you have backup gear + liability insurance?

I shoot with top of the line, professional grade Canon gear. Currently in rotation, two 5D Mark iii bodies, a 50mm, a 35 mm, and an 85 mm lens collection, alongside a few flashes and video lights. I'm with the Boy Scouts when it comes to always being prepared! For this reason, I bring back up gear of everything I need to capture your wedding.  I also carry a liability policy that fully covers my business should something go awry on your big day. If your venue needs a copy, no problem at all! Just let me know at least 30 days before your wedding and I'll have the policy sent right over.


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Do I own the copyright to the images in my collection?

I retain the copyright, but you have printing rights and can post your images wherever you’d like. The copyright ensures that you may not alter the photos in any way to protect the integrity of my editing.

After I book, what’s the best way to reach you with questions about my wedding?

Email! I’ll respond lightning quick and it’s the best way to ensure I prioritize your communication and it doesn’t get lost in a jumble of text messages to my mom.

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