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Sarah Ellefson is a film inspired wedding, family, and editorial photographer based out of Los Angeles + New Mexico but travels worldwide. She lives for sunny days, intimate details, and candid images.

Engagement Session: Real Talk

Hey! Your engagement session is coming up, and I'm super excited to spend some time with you guys and create some amazing images together. Here's the down and dirty about what to expect, as well as a few tips to help you rock it and have a ton of fun!


How YOur Session Will Feel

It's perfectly okay and normal to feel a little nervous (excited or otherwise) about being in front of my camera. Most people don't get their photo taken regularly so the thought can be a little daunting! As it draws closer, I'm sure looking good in the photos will be on the forefront of your mind. Put your mind at ease, I have great news! The pressure is totally off you to worry about how you will look and smile in photos. I'll help you feel relaxed and comfortable during our session, and I'll be working to draw out the most natural smiles and emotions to create authentic images. To make the best photos, your job will be to focus on one another. Let me handle the rest! I'll work to make you look and feel your best in front of the camera, and I'll also be keeping an eye out for all the little details to make sure everything looks just right. As I give you direction and guidance in front of the lens, you'll grow more confident, relaxed, and even start to have fun as our session progresses. :)

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Okay, I might blow your mind with this because your subconscious is probably telling you to play it safe and wear matching denim and white outfits, but when picking what you're going to wear, aim for color and/or texture + patterns! Trust me, they look super good in photos. The key is to balance it out and avoid being too matchy matchy. If one of you is wearing something bright and bold, the other person should aim for a solid/neutral outfit. If you'd like to wear similar colors or stick to a color palate, just make sure that the colors a few shades different and you have different textured materials.  Ladies, if you're still feel stuck after reading all that, you can't go wrong with a flowy dress or jumpsuit paired with statement earrings! They photograph SO well and will make you look like a million bucks. :)

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Aim to be the same level of dressiness and class, ESPECIALLY with your shoes! It looks a little awkward if one of you is in a killer dress and heels and one of you is in cargo shorts and sneakers. 


Get yo Bling cleaned + Nails looking fine

Take your engagement ring to a jeweler for a cleaning or DIY at home with this great cleaner. Let's celebrate and show off that pretty thing in your photos!

What Should We Bring?

- If we'll be walking around the beach or hiking up a mountain and you're planning on wearing heels, bring a second pair of comfortable shoes! Nothing kills the romance like a blister or broken sandal strap. :)

- Do you have a favorite picnic blanket or does your fiancé absolutely rock at the mandolin? Feel free to bring those along! Got a cute puppy? BRING IT. 

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P.S. Here's two really important things:

Although I'm a believer in the fact that sometimes you have to suffer to be beautiful, if your outfit isn't comfortable, to sit, stand, and walk in, switch it out for something else! Nobody wants to look at a photo of themselves and remember they were fighting off a wedgie, even if that romper they were wearing was uber chic and on trend.

Try to stay away from clothing with bold branding (logos or words) because it tends to be super distracting in photos!

If you can't decide what to wear, feel free to ask me!

I can give you more specific feedback about what types of clothing and colors photographs well, and I'm always happy to help out!



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